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Interim Management

PM Profit Management s.r.o. systematically develops database of high  calibre experienced managers. They are top experts in the field of their activity and are ready to join your organisation and fulfill agreed goals. 


What is Interim Management?

Interim management is temporary provision of experienced manager who performs agreed activities and goals directly in your company. 

Interim manager (IM) works upon business contract and not employement contract. It frequently represents the most cost and time efficient solution of client´s requirements.

What Are Benefits of IM?

Interim management provided by PM Profit Management s.r.o. allows you to harvest several benefits:

a) Fast solution: IM is ready to start in very short period of time. Generally few weeks and even days.

b) Experience/expertise: long - term experience and top expertise shorten the period of induction and IM is capable to perform tasks almost immediately.

c) Impartiality: IM is independent from historical and personal relations and career building in organisation. Therefore he is able to make objective and neutral decisions in favour of client.

d) Result oriented: IM is paid for accomplishment of goals. Hence his

activities are primarily oriented towards tangible results.

e) Efficiency: because IM works upon business contract there are not any additional costs related either to start or to the end of assignement.  

f) Know - how transfer: IM brings high quality know - how to the company and is fully prepared to pass it selflessly at disposal of client. 


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