PM Profit Management s.r.o.

Bon 29, Bratislava 821 04
Tel. : + 421 910 915 814


PM Profit Management s.r.o. provides quick and real contribution. Besides interim management we deliver mixture of other techniques focused on profit enhancement. The final choice always depends on agreement with the client and nature of tasks to be solved.

a) Coaching: development of your personnel through support of experienced coach. Your people know your company best. What do they need is the opportunity to develop their talent. 

b) Consulting: management consulting in every field of your company. Why not exchange ideas on your company? We provide a new and independent view on your business. How efficient are your processes? Are there any gaps in cost management? Is your equipment utilised properly? Does your strategy work?

c) Team Building: do you have great employees but you need to complete your team, objectively evaluate their performance or enhance their skills? Personal solutions use to be sensitive and require great experience. 

d) Training and education: our managers are prepared to provide you with their experience and knowledge through training, workshops and seminars. In general, they are graduates from top business schools. Your employees can learn from the best. 

e) Consulting in finance and accounting: setting the right processes in financial management, budgeting and controlling can improve your results and diminish potencial risks. You might better understand how your company really performs and how the overall control can be established or strenghtened. 


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