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About Company

Here we are. We listen to what you say. We understand you. We have system. We have experience, knowledge and solutions. And it requires only a bit of common work. Work that will deliver results for you:

  • Strategic management
  • Processes improvement
  • Personnel solutions,dynamic teams
  • Boosted organisational performance      
  • = Higher Profits

They call it Management Consulting. But it means something more for us. In fact, it is our living style.


PM Profit Management s.r.o. was founded athe beginning of 2006. Since that times we have helped manorganisations and companies dealing in production, retail, services, health care or facilities management. Our key partners are small and medium sized businesses. 

In all projects we are straightforwardly focused on achievement of agreed goals. Understanding of customer needs and its satisfaction is the priority. What matters is result. The road to it will be find together. You can rely.

  Miro Siváček, MBA Founder and Managing Partner

 "Management is all about understanding. Understanding of trends, models, underlying market forces, consequencies, systems...and especially understanding of people involved in your business. Then you can start to act properly."

 Miro has long term experience on top managerial positions. He worked as a Director in nine organisations. Every assignment required to handle different situations, issues and challenges. E.g. crisis management, maintaining dynamics of growing businesses, overall strategic change, processes optimisation, culture changes or cost reduction.

"Organisations distinguish, but at the same time they have a plenty of common features and face similar challenges. The key is to understand what needs to be done first and what can wait for a while."

Miro is graduate of University of Economics in Bratislava. He has got his MBA at Open University Business School in Great Britain. He completed internships in Japan, Holland and Sweden. Miro is chairman of MBA OUBS Alumni in Slovakia and tutor of management. 



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